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Privacy Agreement

This website is the property of i: a man; Paul Mac;
All rights reserved;
The men and women who at times act as founder members of Somer Valley Community Network operate and transact exclusively in the private domain;

Somer Valley Community Network Private Members Club Agreement

You agree to join Somer Valley Community Network Private Members Club in your private capacity as man or woman;

You agree to take full responsibility for all of your words, actions and behaviours;

You agree to cause no harm nor loss to any other man or woman and to act honourably at all times;

Any information that you provide, you do so in the private; The information that you provide is your property; Your property will be respected and kept private; None of your information is stored online publicly; Your debit or credit card numbers are not stored;

You can request a copy of any information that is held on you; You can also request that your information be deleted;

You agree to allow information to be placed on the hard drive of your computer in the form of ‘cookies’, which you can remove or decline at any time;

You can leave Somer Valley Community Network Private Members Club at anytime subsequent to the full settlement of any outstanding verbal and/or written contracts and/or agreements;

Questions in regard to this agreement can be emailed to

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